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Location:Nova Scotia, Cole Harbour, Canada
Website:My AO3 Page
Welcome to our site!
This site is being run by three people. G, Brooks, and Patrice. We each cover our own topics. Ilya does European football, but inputs on hockey during the playoffs and on her favorite teams. Brooks does hockey and occasions drabbles in American football when his favorite team has some controversy. Patrice is our debater because he covers reality TV shows, such as Big Brother, and will argue with anyone about anything.

Brooks runs our Twitter and Facebook page and tries to get our name out there. G writes her fanfictions (about hockey and football of course) and does a bunch of other hard stuff no one understands. Patrice is the primary user of the email account and makes our page nice and pretty.

Evgeniya "Captain" Grebenshchikovi 20, is the youngest one. She was born and raised in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. She's definitely the most creative because she writes hockey fanfictions on (Candace_X_Chambers) and (CandaceXavierChambers). She is currently attending Boston College with a double major in psychology and creative writing. G is the best centre in the world baby (in our MOs anyway). She is the primary NHL writer.. Her favorite NHL teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, Nashville Predators, and Philadelphia Flyers. Her favorite European football team is Real Madrid.

Patrice Williams, 21, is the middle child but acts like the youngest. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Minnesota to spend four straight years at Shattuck-Saint Mary's. He's an opiniated character who isn't afraid to say what he thinks and argue about what/who he believes in. He plays right wing. He's a strong supporter of Big Brother and is currently on Defend Team Frankie duty until the seasons over. He also covers football, but his interests in some of the players makes him a little bias. He's currently attending the University of North Dakota under a major in journalism and a minor in film making (don't ask why, no one understands..) His favorite NHL team is the Boston Bruins, and his favorite NFL team is the New England Patriots.

Brooks Chambers, 24, is the eldest. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia but moved to Minnesota to attend SSM for his last three years.. Being the oldest also makes him the most responsible and most mature. He graduated from Yale while double majoring in journalism and some NASA type stuff. Brooksie was a right wing, the best oneto have ever lived, but he unfortunately broke his jaw and shattered his leg in seis a defenseman. He hits as hard as Bobby Orr and often compares himself to Zdeno Chara. Chambers is the primary La Liga. His favorite NHL team is the Boston Bruins. And his favorite football team is Real Madrid.

Basically, we're all homosexuals, we met in 10th grade at Shattuck-Saint Mary's. Brooks is responsible and old, Ilya is young and creative, and Patrice is an immature smartass who everyone loves because he's always speaking the truth. We all majored in journalism, but at different colleges. We all love hockey, but different teams. And we despise basketball. Brooksie is Russian, Ilya's Canadian, and Patrice is American (Rusadican). And we love each other severely and support each other no matter what.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Much appreciated!

"Gender is not an issue. People make it one."

"Believe in yourself, even when others don't. Don't listen to what the haters say. You are your own biggest critic, and your opinion is the only one you should be listening to. Fight til you die or til you cant take no more. Either way, don't stop believing in you, and don't listen to those other voices undermining you. Always be you, don't be them. Only listen to yourself, don't listen to them. Trust me, this is the easy part. Is always gets harder."

"I'm against feminism because its not tuna. Where is my tuna? I specifically requested tuna."

We're all over social media (or well kinda):
Twitter: @TeamCrOvechkin
Live journal: candacexchamber
Facebook: Hockey RPF and Candace_X_Chambers (you can add us from the admins page!)
Tumblr: CaptainGrebenshchikovi8
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